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Winter Workout Update

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

One of my favorite runs of the year is the “Turkey Trot” in Prospect Park.  It’s a nice an early 5-miler before you go to pig out.

Last year I ran it in 35:00, and this year I did it in 33:50!!  I am almost back down to my best time ever (32:30) from when I was 18 years old.

Going to start incorporating some sprinting and interval work this winter, and I am also going to try to put on a little weight.  I am around 167 lbs now, and I want to get up to 175-180 before I cut down for the summer.

Good luck!

Welcome To My New Site!!!

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m excited to welcome everybody to my new blog, “Workout and Travel”.   On this site I would like to talk about different workouts, including videos, and also about my 2nd passion, traveling.

I would also like to use this site to keep myself “motivated” during the year, and to track my progress. 

So, please feel free to view my site and leave me some comments!!

Hopefully, we will get to train together ; )