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Woodstock 99

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Woodstock 99

This is me walking around at woodstock 99

I am going full speed with my winter bulk up.  So far the heaviest I have reached is 172lbs, and I am getting super strong in the gym.  I benched pressed 315 last week, and yesterday I got 2 reps with 95 lb dumbbells.

But I am getting fat.

I am getting over an annoying cold for the last week which prevented me from running, and I can see the noticeable fat growing onto my body.

I am planning on gaining 5 extra lbs at the most, and then I need to start cutting down.

I have a flight booked for Dublin on St Patricks Day weekend, that might be my last weekend of being overweight.

Happy Training!

I am deep into my winter bulk up, and to be honest with you, I feel some immediate physical changes:

A) Sleep apnea:  I’m not sure if I have a slight winter cold, but I’ve been coughing and choking slightly on my tonsils in my sleep.  It’s very annoying.

B) Less energy:  I feel a lot less energetic

C) Always hungry:  My appetite is through the roof.  Most of losing weight is just keeping your appetite in check.

D) Super human strength:  The only positive is that I am getting really strong, I bench pressed 305 very easily last week, and I did 90 lb dumbbells for 5 reps in shoulders yesterday.

Overall, I only went from 157lbs to around 172, and I noticed a lot of changes.  I think as I get older I shouldn’t gain too much weight in the winter, it doesn’t feel healthy.