My Review Of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Posted: July 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

I generally like to visit a city on 3 different occasions before I can determine if I like it of not.  After 3 different visits to Myrtle Beach I can officially say that I like it.


So what is so great about Myrtle Beach?


  • Not as hot as Florida, not as cold as NYC
  • Extremely nice and clean beach
  • Inexpensive
  • Very good breakfast and dinner options
  •  Only an hour and half from Charleston (also a very nice city)
  • Outstanding golf courses


  •  You have to drive everywhere (bad for drinking)
  • Very rowdy crowd at night around the boardwalk area (avoid)
  • Not too many cultural options

Overall, I highly recommend a visit to Myrtle Beach.  It’s not as fancy as Miami beach and the party doesn’t rock as much as the Jersey Shore, but for an inexpensive, clean beach, it doesn’t get much better than Myrtle

Some of the places I recommend:




  • Broadway at the beach:  This place is INSANE.  Probably the most fun I had outside of Disney World, and make sure you feed the fish.  Fun for both kids and adults.  It also has a Senor Frog’s and a brewery!


My only complaint was that I was there during bike week and some of the partying was out of control near the boardwalk area.

Could I retire there?

Probably a little too quiet for me, but overall, Myrtle Beach passes my test of towns that I enjoy.

-John Andre

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