It Is Officially Running Season! My Goal..

Posted: May 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

Spring is here! Although it has been raining like crazy in NYC, the weather is finally starting to warm up and running season is here.

I have just one goal this Spring and Summer: Run a 5k under 20 minutes.

It has been 17 years since I have run under 20 minutes in a 5k and this year I think I can do it.

A 5k is a 6:26 per mile pace.  So far, on a very hilly course I have been able to hit the 2 miles on pace, but after that, I am wiped out.

This weekend I am running a ultra flat 5k and this will be a good test so see what kind of shape I am in.

Of course I would love to go under 20 minutes for the first race of the year, but I’m not sure If I am in that good shape yet.  If I get my time under 20:30, I should be able to reach it this year.

For my race on Saturday, I am going to hit the first 2 miles on pace.  That is 2 miles in at least 12:52.

That is slightly faster than I been training, but for me to break 20 minutes, I need to get under that pace.

Going forward, I feel that my strength is almost there this year.  The only thing missing is my speed work.  I am too slow.

After this race, I am going to focus mostly on speed work and practice going under the 6:26 pace until I finally hit my goal.

Wish me luck!

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