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I have never used steroids and I don’t know if I ever will.

At this point in my life (36) I don’t really see any need for them.  I am not a professional athlete and I still have a ton of energy.

But eventually my testosterone levels will start going down.  By age 50 I might need to reconsider.

But young people who take steroids are insane.

If you are just working out for fun, why would you ever take steroids as a young person?

First of all, you need to learn the sport.  In my opinion, a natural 6-pack looks SO much better than a steroid 6-pack.

I can tell if a 6-pack was built by the use of steroids in 2 seconds, it has a very unnatural look to it.

If you gain enough experience to build up a great physique naturally first, THEN you should consider using steroids.  But if you can’t even handle the basics, then it really isn’t worth it.

This year my abs are JUST starting to pop.  I need to lose another 5lbs and I need a serious tan before I will level off for the summer.

But most importantly, I build a solid 6-pack every single summer without any steroids at all.  I also don’t use any supplements.

Supplements always make me fat.

I train 6 days a week, including 5 days with weights and 4-5 days of cardio.

And guess what?  Not too many of you guys out there are beating me…


June 23, 2016

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I have to admit it.   After 20 years of running, I find pacing to be a waste of time.

If you want to finish in a 7-minute mile pace, then you need to come out in 6:30-6:45.

You aren’t going to be able to run even splits and you aren’t going to speed up later in the race.  It just doesn’t happen.

I had a bunch of hard races in May that really knocked my legs out for a while and in the last week I have finally started running fast again.

My goal for 2016 was to go under 20 minutes in the mile or a 6:27 pace.

So how do I train myself to get under that time?  GO OUT HARD.

Pacing is a waste of time.  If I want to beat that time, I am going to have to run the first 2 miles in probably under 12:30 (6:15 pace) and just hold on for dear life.

When I break my records, it is always because I started hard and I was somehow able to hold a strong pace.

I never, ever, was able to break a record by running even paces or finishing faster.  I also don’t like to train that way.

I meet people all the time that are running a minute faster than me in the 5k, but they are also running 40-50 miles per week.

That is junk mileage.

Right now I am only averaging 10-12 miles per week and all of my miles are hard.

When I go for a run, I run almost as hard as I can and I try to go under my desired racing pace in every run.

This weekend I am running a 5K in Coney Island.  I am getting really close to beating 20 minutes in the 5k, although I am not sure If I can do it as of yet.

Recently I have been going under the pace for first 2 miles, but then I have been bonking on the 3rd mile.  I figure for this race I am going to force myself to come out in 12:30 for the first 2 miles and whatever happens after that, happens.

If I can hold any type of decent pace I will be able to go under 20 minutes, but If I try to pace it or baby myself, I will have no chance of going under.

Updates coming soon!


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To be fair, I haven’t been to every exotic location.

I haven’t been to Brazil.

I haven’t been to Hawaii (yet) but I am going for my Honeymoon

I haven’t been to Asia.

But for a beach that is relatively close to NYC, there is nothing better than Fire Island!


If you have never been to Fire Island, its on the Southern Shore of Long Island, before the Hamptons and about an hour and 15 minute train ride from NYC.

What makes Fire Island so unusual is that cars are NOT allowed and you also can only reach it by ferry.  Actually, to be be fair, you CAN reach it by land from Robert Moses beach.  But even if you take that route with a bicycle, it is still not an easy ride.

Fire Island is also  occupied by hundreds of deer that have NO fear of humans.


There are many different towns in Fire Island, some that are mostly gay (Cherry Grove, Pines) some that are very quiet and rustic and my personal favorite, Ocean Beach.

If you ever get that chance, take a ride out.

Trust me, you will not be disappointed.


One of my biggest pet peeves in bodybuilding and fitness in general, is that people try to give “one size fits all” advice.

If there is one thing I have learned after all these years, it is that you need to determine what works for you.

For some people, regular bench press might make your chest explode in size, other people will do better with the incline bench.

Some people prefer 3-5 mile tempo runs, others prefer sprints.

Just because something worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger, doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to work for you.

That also goes for your diet.

Some people can handle a low-carb diet, some people can’t.  Some people can eat gluten, some people can’t.

But it is up to YOU to figure out which foods your body reacts well too and the ones that don’t.

Are bagels bad for you?  Test them out.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Are potato’s bad you? Test them out.

I personally, don’t gain any weight from potatoes.

Recently, I have inherited a 13-year old chihuahua from my fiance.  Last week the store ran out of her favorite treats and instead of bacon flavored, we gave her turkey.

The difference in her behavior was noticeable.

After one week of sleeping all day and night I switched her back to bacon and now she won’t sit still.

I don’t know if bacon is a super food or she just loves the taste, but if bacon flavored treats make that much of difference, then it’s probably a good idea to stick with it.

Humans are the same way.  Experiment with your workouts and your diet and find out what works the best for you.

Take frequent blood tests and find out what is working.

Maybe you just need some bacon.


The older I get (36), the more I realize the importance of cardio.  Let’s face, you need to do some cardio.  Being overweight or bulking up for an extended period of time is not healthy.

Currently, I lift weights all year round.  There really isn’t a reason to ever skip lifting weights.

In every gym that I have been a member in, there are always your regulars that you see every day and then there are the “seasonal” lifters.

You get the seasonal lifters twice a year: New Years and early Summer.

Every year without fail, people start to join the gym in large numbers.

But I don’t even have a problem with it.  The more the merrier.  But just realize that if you take off so much time, you are going to have a hard time lowering your body fat.

The latest you should ever start your cardio for the summer is in February or March, but starting in June is way too late.

If you just started now, the most you can do at this point is to lose 5-10lbs.  Bodybuilding is a long, slow process.  To see any type of difference in your physique, you really need to put in hard work, day in and day out for several months at time.

Several days or just several weeks is not going to cut it.

But don’t be discouraged.  Use this summer as a spring board and most importantly, DON’T EVER STOP.

If you can stay consistent throughout the entire winter, I can almost guarantee that next summer you will look better than you ever have.

-John Andre

I know what you are thinking, this statement doesn’t make sense.  But recently, I have been eating more to lose weight.

This year I didn’t bulk up too much.  I kept up with my cardio basically year round and my peak body weight was around 167.

I have quickly been losing weight for the summer and my wedding in August and I am currently down to 155-157.  I want to go under 150 lbs for the first time since High School.

So how do we eat more to lose weight?

If you read any of the popular bodybuilding magazines or online forums they will tell you that you need to increase your metabolism by eating more, but I think that is B.S.  To me, that just sounds like someone trying to sell more supplements.

If you eat less, you will lose weight.  That’s really not that difficult. Calories in, calories out.

But the problem I have when I eat a lot less, Is that you start to get really tired.

Working out on an empty stomach is difficult and sometimes I just don’t have enough energy to go hard.

Recently, I have been trying to add more calories right BEFORE I work out so that I have more energy for the workout.

If I can throw in an extra 200-400 calories before the gym, it is worth it If I can burn an extra 2,000 in the workout.

So overall, sometimes you need to add extra calories to lose weight.  Just as long as you are working it off, go ahead and try eating more.

But trust me, you aren’t going to be able to speed up your metabolism.


So, it is official. Last night was the worst race I have ever run in my entire life; the JP. Morgan Corporate Challenge in Central Park.

How do you screw up a race in Central Park?

First of all, the race has so many applicants that they split the race into 2 separate days.  Annoying? Yes, especially when your good friends that work for a different company can’t join you.

Second problem.  They use a “rolling” start.  Pretty much you walk up to the line and start running whenever you feel like it.  I planned on running my first mile in 5:50, I instead ending up running it in 7:30.

The first mile at the JP Morgan Challenge is like running through Times Square.  You have to dodge strollers, bicycles, walkers and 18-minute mile runners.


6-minute mile pace in the front, 12-minute pace in the back.  It’s common sense.

Overall, I met up with some old friends and had a good time, but that was the worst course I have ever run in my life.

I LOVE running in Central Park, but somehow they were able to screw it up.

What was my time? Who knows.

A) I snuck in without a number

B) I probably ran double the distance from zigzags.

P.S. I will be skipping this race next year!