The Worst Race I Have Ever Run: JP Morgan Challenge

Posted: June 3, 2016 in Uncategorized
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So, it is official. Last night was the worst race I have ever run in my entire life; the JP. Morgan Corporate Challenge in Central Park.

How do you screw up a race in Central Park?

First of all, the race has so many applicants that they split the race into 2 separate days.  Annoying? Yes, especially when your good friends that work for a different company can’t join you.

Second problem.  They use a “rolling” start.  Pretty much you walk up to the line and start running whenever you feel like it.  I planned on running my first mile in 5:50, I instead ending up running it in 7:30.

The first mile at the JP Morgan Challenge is like running through Times Square.  You have to dodge strollers, bicycles, walkers and 18-minute mile runners.


6-minute mile pace in the front, 12-minute pace in the back.  It’s common sense.

Overall, I met up with some old friends and had a good time, but that was the worst course I have ever run in my life.

I LOVE running in Central Park, but somehow they were able to screw it up.

What was my time? Who knows.

A) I snuck in without a number

B) I probably ran double the distance from zigzags.

P.S. I will be skipping this race next year!

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