My Favorite Beach In The World (Fire Island)

Posted: June 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

To be fair, I haven’t been to every exotic location.

I haven’t been to Brazil.

I haven’t been to Hawaii (yet) but I am going for my Honeymoon

I haven’t been to Asia.

But for a beach that is relatively close to NYC, there is nothing better than Fire Island!


If you have never been to Fire Island, its on the Southern Shore of Long Island, before the Hamptons and about an hour and 15 minute train ride from NYC.

What makes Fire Island so unusual is that cars are NOT allowed and you also can only reach it by ferry.  Actually, to be be fair, you CAN reach it by land from Robert Moses beach.  But even if you take that route with a bicycle, it is still not an easy ride.

Fire Island is also  occupied by hundreds of deer that have NO fear of humans.


There are many different towns in Fire Island, some that are mostly gay (Cherry Grove, Pines) some that are very quiet and rustic and my personal favorite, Ocean Beach.

If you ever get that chance, take a ride out.

Trust me, you will not be disappointed.


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