Why Cant You Set Your Running Record In Practice?

Posted: July 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

Running is running. If you can break a 5-minute mile after work or in an official race, it is all the same.

Running is Running. Time is Time.

But for some reason, it never happens that way.

Almost all running records are set in major competitions. Competition is very important and I discuss it at length in my next book that is coming out in the Fall.

Competition can help you push past your plateu’s and keep yourself motivated.

When I ran track and field in College, having teammates really helped a lot with my training. In powerlifting I was able to train by myself, but the training involved in running or bike riding, is a lot different. It helps to have someone to break up the monotony involved in distance training.

But scientifically, there is no reason why someone can’t step up to the track on a random day and break their own 3-mile running record.

It is all mental.

This year my goal was to finally break the 20-minute barrier in a 5K. This is a time I haven’t reached in almost 17 years.

I am getting close and I have been able to hold the 6:27 pace for the first two miles before I have been losing it on the 3rd mile.

I am TRYING to prevent increasing my mileage and adding more running days to my schedule, because I don’t find that type of training to be healthy. When I add more distance to my routine,  I usually end up burning off too much muscle mass.  Hopefully I won’t gain too much body fat, but I think I am going to have to add an extra cardio day or slightly increase the mileage.

There are one or two races coming up in July and then I am getting married on August 6th. I would LOVE to hit the goal before I get married, but if not, I will rather drop dead if I don’t reach it in the Fall.

Good luck!

Check out my new book for my running routines!

  1. Informaswi inni bisa memberikan saya hall positif.
    Lanjut teru buat artikel-artikel seperti
    ini ya min.

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