Rate Your Summer Training So Far

Posted: July 23, 2016 in Uncategorized
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This year, I give myself an 8.5.

My weight training and running routine has gone well and my diet has been on point.  Until last week, when I unfortunately ended up in the hospital, I haven’t missed a day of training this entire year.

For my weight training this year, I give myself a “8”.  In the beginning of the year I was training for the Arnold Classic Pump and Run, so I was working on a high-rep scheme, but since St Patrick’s Day I have been going heavy.

My goal this year was to hit a 300 lb bench and 90’s for shoulders dumbbells.  Although I was slowed down by some injuries, I still got pretty close to my goals.

At only 152 lbs in body weight, I was able to work up to 285 lbs on the bench press and I finally got up to 85 lb dumbbells for shoulders.   Overall, I wish I was a little bit stronger, but I still able to lift decent weights.

With the running, I rate myself an “9”.

I ran a 5:35 mile in April without really training for it and my 5K has been in the 20:30 range.  I am really close to hitting my goal of under 20 minutes in the 5k.  I would love to hit it by the end of this summer or at least in the Fall.

Diet: My diet has been close to a “9”.   Besides eating some chips or a couple beers on the weekend, my diet was super tight this year.  I went from 170 lbs during my bulk up, down to a super lean 151 lbs last week.

Overall: My training went really well in the Spring and Summer.  I was consistent with my weight training, cardio and diet, and I was able to get my body fat to a super low level.

I am going to try to stay pretty lean until my honeymoon in September, after that, I will slowly begin my Fall and Winter bulk up.





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