End Of Summer Training (August)

Posted: July 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s hard to believe, but tomorrow will be August 1st.

For me this is good news, because July is my least favorite month of the year.    July is just too hot in NYC and getting up and going to work everyday becomes such a chore.  There is nothing worse than sweating in your work shirt as you wait on a crowded 7:30am train platform.

But, summer is almost over and August is here already!  August is also really hot, but usually a tad bit cooler than July and late August can get really nice.

August is also a great time to run outside.  Although I ran outside for most of July, it was just too hot for me to really go crazy.  After just a mile or two, I sweat more than I would by running 5 miles in the Fall or the Winter.

I am also peaking for low body weight and body fat percentage.  I plan on staying on my diet all the way up to Labor Day but most of the heavy weight loss has already been done.  This year I went from a peak of 170 lbs in the winter, down to 151lbs last week.  My summer goal was to see 149 lbs for the first time since High School and I should have a good chance of hitting it next week.

My weight lifting routine in August is basically the same.  I don’t expect to see any real strength gains in August, if anything, I am probably at my weakest.  But I don’t worry too much about my strength, because I know I will start going heavier in the Fall while I slowly gain weight.

But when it comes to cardio, August is the best time to get ready for some Fall running.  The fall has most of my favorite races and if you plan on running fast in the Fall you will need to have a strong August.

Starting in August I am going to try to run at least 5x a week and towards the end of the month I might go up to 6x a week.

My plan is to run 3 or 4 races between now and Nov 1st and then I am done racing for the year.  After the Fall, I will get into a heavy power lifting routine and start to gain weight.

So enjoy your August and make sure you get your cardio in.  Another 4 or 5 weeks and the weather will start to cool down!


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