I Am A Fat Slob. 6 More Weeks Of Fatness

Posted: January 8, 2017 in Uncategorized
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I had a bad day in the gym today.  I’ve had a sinus infection for the last several days that has been knocking me out and although I was able to do 90’s for several reps in shoulder dumbbells, it still wasn’t a great workout.

But more importantly, I failed the mirror test.

I haven’t taken my shirt off in the gym since the summer, but today I decided to take a look. When I took my shirt off, I was in SHOCK by how overweight and out of shape I looked.

Bulking up is NOT healthy for you.  I have gained almost 30 lbs since August and I feel horrible.

I am out of breath.

I have no energy.

I am getting pimples like a teenager.

But the good news is that I am strong as a bull.  My bench press is creeping up towards 315 and today I tried 100 lbs dumbbells for shoulders (unsuccessfully)

Although I do like being strong and I like the feeling of filling out my clothes, I really don’t feel healthy and I cant wait to start cutting up again.

Getting fat is a necessary evil.  I gained almost 10 lbs more than last year and I am taking a chance on adding this much weight.  This is my 6-week schedule until the end of the bulk up year.

Week of Jan 8th:  225 bench 75lb shoulder dumbbells

Week of Jan 15th: 245 bench 80 shoulder dumbbells

Week of Jan 22nd: 265 bench 85 dumbbells

Week of Jan 29: 285 bench 90 dumbbells

Week of Feb 5: 305 bench 95 dumbbells

Week of Feb 12: 325 bench 100 dumbbells


Although I may get stronger after my official bulk up is over, my cardio workouts will be added and I will slowly start to cut back on the calories.

Happy training!

  1. I’ve also gained 30 pounds during my bulk which makes for a pretty rough and uncomfortable offseason for me. Wouldn’t you agree though that clean bulking wouldn’t have the same effects? Is that what you’re currently doing?

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