Why Run For Longer Than One Minute?

Posted: January 15, 2017 in Uncategorized
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I have been running now for over 20 years and the question I get asked the most is “when are you going to run the marathon?”

And the answer is probably never.

I don’t even really want to go past 3 miles anymore.

Long-distance running is not good for you.

Of course people like to send me survey’s that compare the overall health of runners compared to non-runners, but I don’t think its a fair comparison.

A long distance runner should be healthier than someone who is sedentary, but let’s be honest, are they healthier than a basketball player?

Or tennis players?

Or swimmers?

And they absolutely do not have a low body fat percentage.  Most marathon runners are “skinny fat”.  “Skinny fat” is when you have a very light body weight but you still carry a high body fat percentage.

I haven’t done any cardio since September, but I am about to start it again in several weeks.

My goal for this year is SPEED.

I don’t care about distance at all.  I want to become fast again.

Sprints, hill repeats, suicides, etc.

When you get older you don’t really lose any endurance and stamina, but you do lose speed.

My goal is to run a sprinting race for the first time since I was 18-years old (I’m 37).  I am curious to see what type of shape I am in after a 19-year lay over.

Good luck….


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