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I am proud to announce that my winter bulk up is officially over and now it is time to start cutting up!

Although I still might be able to put some extra size and strength, I have started to add cardio back into my routine and I am about to cut down on my calorie intake.

This year I took a full 5-6 month break from any type of cardio.  I was feeling a little burnt out from all the running in the last several years, so I decided to give my body a solid rest.

When I started running again last week, I was in SHOCK by how much slower and out of shape I had become.

Running DOES NOT have any type of muscle or endurance memory.  If you stop running, you lose it, case closed.

Strength training on the other hand, seems to stick with you for a long time.  Even grown men that I know haven’t lifted heavy in years, still look pretty strong in their older years.

In other words, you can tell when someone used to be a powerlifter, but you can’t tell that someone used to be a runner.

I also realized that it’s really not healthy to skip any type of training.  Since I still consider myself young (37), I don’t mind missing a couple of weeks of cardio or gaining weight in the winter.  But when I get into my mid-40’s, I think I need to stick with a least a minimal amount of cardio year-round.

I can’t tell you how many times that I have heard a story about a former marathon runner that died from an early heart attack.  Of course the first thing everyone says is “he was in such good shape”.

But in reality, you don’t know if he or she was still in good shape.  Running and cardio does not have any muscle memory.  For all you know, this person might have taken the last several months off.

If you stop working out, you might die.

Keep training, keep up your cardio, keep up with your diet.

If you are really sick or really busy, it’s fine to take a day or two off. But overall, you need to force yourself to get out there for your entire life.

-John Andre

P.S. I’ve been extremely busy recently but I should have a new workout book out this Spring including some new videos.

Today officially ended my bulk up for the season.  I went from a summer low of 149 lbs in the winter to up to 178 lbs in early February.

Recently, I have been eating like crazy so I am actually surprised that I didn’t get up to the mid 180’s.  Either way, I am satisfied with a 28 lb weight gain this winter.

With the end of my bulk up season, I have slowly cut down on the calories and started to reintroduce my cardio workouts.

Today I went for a hard one-mile run to see how fast I am after missing 5 months in a row.

Results: I ran a mile in 7 minutes flat and felt like I was going to die.

Let’s put that into perspective for one minute.

Several months ago I could run 5 miles at a 6:50 per mile pace and only 5 and half months later, I almost died running a 7 minute mile.

Now, of course you can say that I gained some weight.  But even with the weight gain, that is still a ridiculous decrease in cardiovascular endurance.


If you can bench press 315 lbs for 4 reps and then you take off 5 months of weight lifting,  you will still probably be pretty strong.  You could also probably get strong again pretty fast.

Not so for running.  Weight training memory carries on way longer than any type of cardio.  Some heavy weight lifting muscle may even carry on for the rest of your life, such is the case with many retired football players.

Cardio workouts are only beneficial when you use them and for that moment only.

Even taking off 10 days in a row can kill your cardiovascular conditioning.  In July I bruised my head and ended up in the hospital, missing 2 full weeks of workouts.

When I started training again, I couldn’t believe how slow I got.

Overall, there are 3 lessons to be learned by this.

A) You need to always lift weights and weight lifting is the primary way to stay in shape

B) You need to continue some form of cardio, even if light cardio, for the rest of your life.

C) What you did in the past regarding your cardiovascular workouts has no baring on your condition today.

My goal for the end of winter and beginning of Spring is to slowly start losing some body weight, continue lifting heavy weights and begin to add my cardio back in.

Good luck!