How To Beat The Guys On Steroids

Posted: April 4, 2017 in Uncategorized
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To be fair, I don’t have anything against people using steroids.  I could really care less.

But, I am not going to lie, I do get a kick out of out lifting them in the gym or showing up more ripped at the beach.

The sad reality is that many people never learn the “basics”, so despite the amount of chemical they ingest, they can still be beaten on a regular basis.

I’ve noticed that steroids seem to really help in some area’s and not so much in others. They appear to really help in bench and shoulder presses.

Not so much in dead lifts and squats. I don’t care how many steroids you take, you aren’t going to dead lift 500 for 6 reps at 165 lbs unless you are training hard.  And if your squat technique isn’t perfect, you aren’t going to put up any heavy numbers.

But how do you beat them in looks?

This is tricky.  You probably aren’t going to be able to get as big and you probably can’t get as cut.

Your skin will also never get paper thin.  But that good be a good thing.

The only way to beat a steroid user in a bodybuilding competition is to be super strict with your diet, consistent in your workouts and persistent in your cardio.

It can be done.

Lets face it; if you don’t learn how to diet, your abs will always look bad, steroids or not.

It might even look worst with steroids.  There is nothing worse looking than a lumpy steroid gut.  This only happens when someone starts to use steroids but doesn’t diet down properly.  It makes the stomach region look lumpy and unnatural.

If body fat percentages are the same, the natural body will always look better.


So, what is your job as a natural lifter? You need to get your body fat down.

Learn the basics

Work on your diet

Be consistent and train hard

And enjoy beating your competition….


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