Am I Running Too Hard And Lifting Too Easy?

Posted: March 21, 2018 in Uncategorized
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The training used for running is very different from bodybuilding.

With bodybuilding and especially weight lifting, you definitely need more rest.

If you are going to lift heavy weights, and in my opinion only heavy weights work, then you are going to need to rest or you will get injured or weaker.

If you are going to dead lift 550 lb’s on Monday, you better believe that you are going to need some rest before you deadlift again.  I ONLY deadlift once a week and I usually only complete one heavy set.


Running is different.

If you want to become a fast runner, especially in distances between 1 to 5 miles, you will need to run all the time.

3 days a week may be fine, but to be honest, 4 or 5 will make you even faster and 6 is probably optimal.

The only problem with running 6x a week, is that it will probably hurt your physique.

It’s going to be hard to hold on to any muscle if you are running that often.

It’s for that reason that I try to run as hard as I can, with less training sessions.



2 years ago I lived near an Army base in Staten Island, NY.

After work I would run through the base at least 4 or 5x a week and the course was HARD.

The Army base was designed over 200 years ago and the way it was designed, it had at least 3 very serious hills.

After several work outs a week, I was total spent.

I did get pretty fast, but sometimes I question if I would have become faster by running on a track instead.

So the question is, does running hills in every workout help?

Personally, I think you need a mix of both.

Sometimes you can do hills several days in a row but other times you just need a flat course to work on your speed

Today I did just bench press and I plan on running the next 3 days in a row before my vacation next week.

Next week I am taking a vacation down to Hilton Head, SC and Savannah Georgia, so I will have to miss a week of my normal routine.

I will try to get 3 or 4 sessions in the hotel gyms if I can but after Easter, it is game on until Memorial Day weekend.

This is the time to start killing it.


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