Two Strategies For Running A Race: Running A little Bit Less But Faster Or Running A Little Bit More But Slower…

Posted: April 22, 2018 in Uncategorized
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As much as people do not like to admit it, running is a timed event.

One of the best parts of being a runner, in my opinion, is that you can compare your times throughout your lifetime.

For example, if you ran 3 miles in 18 minutes in College and now you can run it in 19, you only are a minute slower.

Time is an absolute, definable, measurement.

When it comes to running a fast 3-miler, there are two different ways that I attempt to increase my times.

A) Run less distance but at a faster pace.  For example; if I want to break 21 minutes (7 minutes per mile) I will run 2-2.5 miles in training at a 6:30-6:45 per mile pace.  Once I can handle the shorter distance at a quicker pace, I will try to “hold on” and complete the last half mile on target.

B) Run longer distances but at a slower pace.  In this example, I will try to run 4-5 miles in my training at a 7-7:15 pace.  The benefit would be that a 3 mile race would feel easy and I would be able to run at a faster pace.

The winner?

It is hard to say.  Using the 2-2.5 miles in my training I have been able to run some fast races, but by running slightly longer, I have almost always run fast.

I have a big 3 mile race coming up in a month, and this season I have started to try plan “B” and run slightly longer in practice.

I figure If I can try to get my 4 mile time down to near 28 minutes (7:00 per mile), I should be able to kill that for 3 miles.

We will see.

Personally, I have found that I can run 2-5 miles pretty fast and still be able to weight train heavy.  When I go over 5 miles is when I start to burn off muscle and look worse.

A combination is also good.

Some days you run shorter and fast, some days you run longer and slow.


Lift Heavy/Fun Fast on!

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