Once You Get Into Good Shape, The Fat Starts Really Coming Off…

Posted: May 6, 2018 in Uncategorized
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I know this would seem to be a very obvious statement, but there is actually more to this story.

What I really mean, is that when you are good in shape, you can handle more strenuous exercise.

For example, when I officially ended up winter bulk up and started running again, I was only able to run 3 miles in 23 1/2 minutes.

Also, it was very difficult for me to even reach that distance.


I have been consistently running 3 miles in under 21 minutes and I should be able to go under 20 this summer.

End result? The fat is really starting to fly off.

If you have never worked out before and just started a new routine, you will lose some weight right off the bat.

But after you become experienced, you really need to focus on improving your performance.

If you are lifting the same weights, running at the same speed and weighing the same; you won’t look any better.

This last week, I ran 3 miles in under 21 minutes 4x, I benched pressed 255 for several reps and I deadlifted 405 for 6.

Although I am starting to lose my strength in the gym, that is still a pretty difficult routine for someone to try to match.

When I am in tip top shape, I will be running 3 miles in 19 minutes, 1 mile in 5 minutes, bench pressing 300 and deadlifting 500.

All at the same time.


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