Big Race On Thursday. Let’s See What Type Of Shape I am In…

Posted: May 15, 2018 in Uncategorized
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I am happy to announce that my first race of the season is this Thursday.

One of the good things about this race, is that I have run it almost 7 years in a row.

Since the course hasn’t changed, I should be able to judge what type of shape I am in.

So far, I think I am in pretty good shape.  Definitely not my fastest shape for Mid-May, but I am setting myself up for a good summer.  I think it will be one of my top running times, just not my best of all time.

The only problem I see so far, is that it might rain.  Rain is not necessarily a problem if it is light.

But if it is raining hard your clothes get wet, your sneakers get heavy and then it is game over if you consider running a fast time.

My 2nd race of the year will most likely be on Father’s Day.  I ran this race last year right after my son was born and I ran like a snail.

It was easily the worst race that I had run in about 10 years. This year, I plan on destroying that time.

It should be pretty easy, but we will see.

I hope everyone’s training is going well.  I am about to kick the bodybuilding into high gear soon and start putting up some progress pics.

The abs are starting to show now, but its still too early to start taking pictures.

I need some more sprint work outs, heavy lifting and a sun tan, before I start showing off the goods.

More to come soon!

-John Andre

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