My First Race Of The Year, “B-“

Posted: May 19, 2018 in Uncategorized
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Hello everyone.

I am proud to announce that I ran my first race of the year on Thursday night and I finished a 3-mile race in 21:10.

Am I satisfied with that time?

It’s OK.  I was hoping to run about 30 seconds faster, but, it is still a good start for my running reason.

I took a long time off this year.  I basically didn’t run at all from Oct 1 to Feb 1 and I am still a little rusty.

My stamina is pretty good, I think it is my speed that is lacking.

I also noticed that when I was finished with the race, I wasn’t really that tired.  That is a sign that I am in pretty good shape.

But, I need to get faster.  I need to work on my one-mile time and start to add some sprinting into my routine.

I also need to race more often.

If you want to get faster, you need to push yourself often. Practice will only take you so far.

There is a big 4-mile race next weekend near my apartment that I might sign up for just to practice and then there is a father’s day 5K run that I plan on signing up for.

When it comes to running, I typically peak in the Fall.

It is nice to run outside in the summer and work on my tan at the same time, but to be honest, I am not a big fan of the heat.  Especially the heat in July.

But by the time mid August comes around, I am usually at my lightest body weight and since I have a couple of months of training behind me, I can usually run a fast race in September and October.

Overall, my first race was good but not great. I rate it a “B-“.

-John Andre

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