Are You Training Hard Enough? Only One Way To Tell…

Posted: June 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

This time of year is crunch time for me.

If I am not killing myself in June, then my year is over.  For July and August I should already be in insane shape and I usually peak the week before Labor Day.


Sometimes I question myself “Am I training hard enough?”

Usually after a week of training and commuting to work, the answer is YES.  But then I will have a week of even harder training and I start to question my entire routine.

How to I tell if I am really training hard?


There has been only several times in my life when I can say I was completely exhausted from training and that is also when I was in my best shape.

One time was when I ran College track and field.

I only ran for two seasons of College track and field and one thing I remember is being completely exhausted during the week.

My classes would typically be from 8am to 3pm and then I would train “all out” from 5 to 9pm.

When you are training hard and especially training with other people, you will be TIRED.

I was basically sleeping through my first 2 classes every day and I ended up with my worst G.P.A.

When you are truly pushing it hard, you will be tired.

It should hurt.

If you are just going through the motions of your training and just showing up, you will never make any progress.

To become a champion, you need to push yourself.

It is also hard to train by yourself.  One of the reasons that I like to sign up for power lifting and running competitions is that if forces me to work hard.

Almost 95% of my training partners have quit over time and it’s hard to find consistent partners.

But let’s not make excuses.

Summer is coming.

Lose weight.

Heavy to moderate weights.

Fast cardio.

Time to get ripped.


-John Andre

Lift Heavy/Run Fast

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