You Cant Take Off Ever. You Will Die Or Get Real Fat…

Posted: July 18, 2018 in Uncategorized
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I have been following bodybuilding for a long time.

I don’t consider myself a huge fan because of the steroid aspect involved, but after going to the gym for so long, I have no choice but to passively follow the sport.

When I first started bodybuilding, the great Lee Haney was retiring and Dorian Yates was just taking over.


I was never a big fan of Dorian’s.  His physique looked unattainable to me and as you can see today, he is in horrible shape after retiring.

dorian today

But I don’t want to hate.  He was the best in the world for several consecutive years at one point and I haven’t won shit.

It’s funny, but almost every year for the last 25 years+, there is always one bodybuilder who says he is going to “take a year off” then come back stronger.

It happens in a lot of sports.

Guys retire, then try to come back.

Or at least in bodybuilding, they think they are going to “bulk up” harder with a year off and then come back and beat everyone.

It always causes excitement.

But sorry to break it to you, it never works.

Competition is important.  If you want to improve as an athlete, you need to step up to the plate and compete against other humans.

The year off bullshit never works.

I don’t care if its running, powerlifting, bodybuilding or boxing.


This year I took a 7 month break from cardio and I let my diet slip a little.  I am in shock by how hard it is to remove the body fat I put on.

My new rule for life: Do not take breaks!

I don’t care if you are studying for exams, working on a promotion or trying to get married.

Keep pushing until you reach your goal.

-John Andre.

Book 3 coming out this summer!

Lift Heavy/Run Fast

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