Muscle Weighs More Than Fat. But Do You Really Have Any Muscle?

Posted: July 27, 2018 in Uncategorized
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I can’t sugarcoat this statement, Americans are too fat.

Not only are we too fat, but we are in denial of being too fat.

Our life expectancy is slowing to a crawl, possibly even going lower, and more and more people are coming down with preventable illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

And they are also getting those illnesses at lower ages.

This year I went from 185 lbs in the peak of winter, down to 152 lbs today.  That is a huge loss of 32 lbs in about 4 months.

One thing that I have realized this summer, is how fat I was during my winter bulk up.

Although I was lifting heavy with 315+ bench press and 535 lb deadlifts, I was still holding a large amount of body fat.

And that can’t be healthy.

I have people come up to me every day in the gym and ask me what I do to get cut and the first thing I recommend, is to lose weight.

If you are weighing over 200 lbs and not lifting really heavy weights, you are going to be overweight.

Even when people weigh 175 lbs, I tell them to lose weight.

That is too heavy.

If you look at the height and weight charts from the 1950’s and 60’s, it is crazy how light the ideal body weight was.

Did that really change? People are slightly taller, but why would it be all of a sudden healthy to gain 30-40 lbs in 40 years.

“But muscle weighs more than fat”

Yes, it does. But do you have any muscle?

Are you bench pressing 350-500 lbs?

Are you dead lifting 600-800?

Can you run a mile in 5 minutes?

Yes, muscle weights more than fat.

But you are just fat.

Where is the muscle?


-John Andre

Book 3 coming out this summer!

Lift Heavy/Run Fast

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