Bodybuilding And Training Over Age 35 Is All About Timing…

Posted: August 16, 2018 in Uncategorized
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These last couple weeks, I really missed being 18 years old.

I especially miss the Summer of 1998.

I was working for $5 per hour at the Century 21 Department Store in Manhattan and after work I would go to the gym for an hour, followed by another hour or two on the track.

And my training was HARD.

Basically, I would do every lift in the gym like my life depended on it. And then I would I would go straight to the track and run all out.

When I was done going to work, lifting weights and running; then I would go out to bars with my friends every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

On the weekends, I would sign up for races all the time.

And I was fast.

At 18 years old I was running 5k’s routinely in the low 19 minute range.

Basically that the age, I felt indestructible.

Now at age 38, I am strong as a bull, but damn tired.

This past Sunday, I ran a 5k race out in Long Island in 21:30.

On Monday, I went to work and did heavy weights at lunch.

Tuesday I went to work and I did weights and a 3-mile run.

Today I ran 4 miles and did abs.


I am only half way through the week and I already feel like death.

I wouldn’t consider myself “old” yet, but my body definitely doesn’t recover like it did when I was 18 years old.

Now my training is all based on timing.

When my son goes to bed, I go to bed.  I don’t stay up late.

When my legs feel good, I try to run hard.

When my body feels shot, I will take an easy day.

Less sets, heavier lifting.

My diet needs to also be stricter.  Fat seems to accumulate in 10 seconds.

At age 18, I couldn’t put on body fat if I tried.

Overall, there really aren’t any excuses to be slacking in your training if you are 35+. You just need to choose your battles.

If you feeling close to death, like I have several times in the heat recently, you need to back off slightly.

If you feel good, you need to push it.

You can still make a ton of gains at this age, but don’t think you can go hard all the time like you did when you were younger.

Keep your diet strict.

And get ripped.


-John Andre

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Lift Heavy/Run Fast

  1. JB617 says:

    Good read, loved the post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wait until your 58 LOL… I use to go crazy working out too! Now, I do Full Body 1 Day, Rest 2. I’m doing it to stay healthy, not win awards 🙂

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