I Hate The Summer And New Years Eve…

Posted: August 17, 2018 in Uncategorized
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This might be surprising to some, but I actually hate the Summer.

One of the things that I love about living in N.Y.C, is that we have 4 distinct seasons.

First we have a long, cold, winter.  Then a Spring that feels like it only last 3 weeks due to the rain. Long summers that are hot and humid and a long, beautiful, Fall season.

You would think that I would like the summer since it is the only time of year that I take my shirt off, but actually I hate it.

As a child, I loved it.  Now, I can’t wait for it to end.


A) I have to work.  Unfortunately, I work all year round.  I also commute to Manhattan, which is nice on certain days, but otherwise, it is typically hot and humid.  I hate sweating through work clothes.

B) Too many tourists.  It’s hard to walk around the city sometimes with the amount of tourists.

C) Number of amateurs.  There are a ton of people who you will only see for 2 months of the year.  I have no idea where they are the other 10 months of the year.

D) New members crowd the gym for 2 months and then quit again until New Years.

E) Traffic.  It took me 4 hours of driving just to run a race in Long Island last weekend.  Everywhere that you go near a beach is an impossible drive.

F) The Heat.  I do most of my cardio in the Summer and Fall.  On a hot day, like it was today, running is just not fun.  When it’s over 90 degrees out with 75% percent humidity and poor air quality, who wants to run?

But there are some benefits.

I like that I can wear shorts.

I like that I can occasionally go into the water.

I also like that the sun sets later in the day, which is my main complaint about the winter.  I need some sun light no matter what the temperature outside is.

I have the same complaints about New Years.

Too many tourists.

The gym is packed.

The traffic is bad.

The amateurs are out.

Another couple of weeks of Summer and I am ready to embrace the Fall.  My favorite weather, my favorite running races and my favorite beer.

Football starts.

Less tourists.

And I slowly start my heavy lifting for the Winter bulk up.

Live couldn’t be better.

-John Andre

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