Heavy Lifting Will Permantly Change Your Body…

Posted: October 1, 2018 in Uncategorized
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What is more important, cardio or weight training?

Or is it all diet?

In reality, it’s probably a mix of all three.

One thing that I like about heavy weight training, in comparison to cardio, is that it lasts forever.

Even if you haven’t lifted in ten to 20 years, I can take one look at someone and tell if they used to be a power lifter or football player.

Running and cardio in general, goes away almost immediately.

You can run for 6 months straight, as soon as you miss 2 weeks, you are going to be slow.  It’s really a sport where “what have you done for me lately” is always true.

I just started getting back into the heavy lifting and I am already pretty sore.

This week I am getting my bench press into the low to mid 200’s and I plan on deadlifting 365 lb’s for reps on Thursday.

I “should” be pretty strong by Thanksgiving.  I want to shoot up to 500lb’s quickly and then I can work on the mid 500’s to 600.

Bench press is going to be tough this year, mostly because all of my training partners keep quitting.

Will post some videos soon!

Good luck.


Lift Heavy/Run Fast

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