For Bodybuilding, These Are The Most Important Weeks Of The Year…

Posted: April 23, 2019 in Uncategorized
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Spring is finally here and that means hard training.


Right now I am training 5 or 6 days a week, including twice a day at least 3x a week. This includes lifting heavy weight lifting, fast cardio and a super strict diet.

The name of the game in the Spring and Summer is cutting weight, if you are a natural lifter like I am, you need to cut weight or you will never get cut.

I typically lose at least 20-25 lb’s every year between my peak in the winter and my lowest in the summer.

Last week I weighed in around 167 lbs and I need to get that down to at least 160 lbs asap. After I reach 160, I will slowly cut down into the low 150’s.

For my running times, I am hitting 3 miles outside in around 21:45. My goal every summer is to get my time down to 3 miles in 21 minutes flat and I should be able to hit that relatively quickly.

April and May should be your hardest days of training for the year.

The weather is not too warm outside, the humidity has not become too insane and the amount of daylight is increasing.

There is really no excuse to not go outside and start training.

I find it harder to train like crazy in the summer, especially in July.  Between the humidity and even just sweating as I walk to the gym, July and August are tough months to train.

I try to run in the early morning or after the sun sets, but sometimes I just don’t have the chance and I need to run in the middle of the afternoon.

But overall, you need to train hard immediately or you will have zero chance of getting ripped this summer.

  • Cut weight
  • Lift heavy
  • Fast cardio

And most important, you need to cut down on calories and lose weight.

Good luck, get moving…

-John Andre

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Finally, Some Good News

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