I Had 4 Bad Workouts In A Row, Time To Make Adjustments…

Posted: April 24, 2019 in Uncategorized
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Working out and bodybuilding can be frustrating, especially at this time of year when I am trying to get ripped.


It’s just close to impossible to lift heavy, run fast and diet hard at the same time.

Usually, if I am running and dieting hard my weight lifting will suffer and obviously when I am bulking up in the winter, my diet and cardio routine goes to shit.

But the worst season is definitely the Spring. It’s a weird time because I am still pretty strong, yet, I have started cutting calories and added cardio to my routine.

I am also slowly getting weaker, which is ok, but its frustrating when I start running slow or I don’t lose as much weight as I desire.

Recently,  I have bad 4 really bad cardio sessions in a row.  Today was so bad that I had to walk after a mile and a half and couldn’t even jog slowly afterwards.

Although my legs felt ok, but not great, it was my stomach that was killing me.

Since I started cutting the calories over the last 2 months my body has not made the full adjustment and the end result is that I am cramping like crazy.

Starting immediately, I am going to need to make some adjustments. It “appears” that I am fasting for too long before my cardio routine.

Today I fasted from about 10 am to 5, which is not even that long, but it definitely killed my insides.

Going forward, I will have to add a little but of extra food on my cardio days and possibly change my fasting times so that I eat more in the afternoon.

Either way, my diet has been spot on and hopefully I am getting close to 160lbs on my Saturday morning weighins.

My goal for the summer is to reach about 150.

Good luck!

John Andre

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