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Hello everyone!

I am now into my 2nd week of Spring training and I am finally starting to add some cardio back into my routine.


I like running towards the end of winter because it sets me up for a good spring.

If you wait until March or April to start running, sometimes you will get a late start for Summer.

By April I want to be running fast already, so for me, that means I need to slowly start revving up the engine.

I am also taking in less calories.  I lost 3.5 lbs the first week and I would like to reach 5 total lbs by week 2.


I always lose weight really easy in the beginning.  It’s when I start to get very low in body fat that it gets harder and harder.

I also believe you NEED to add some cardio workouts into your routine for your health.

I ran outside for the first time in several months on Saturday and I felt like I was going to DIE.

That can’t be healthy.

When you are in your 20’s or 30’s you “feel” like you are going to die.  When you get past age 40, you might actually die.

Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks, etc. They are all major illness related to obesity that too many people suffer from in the United States from basic neglect.

I use cardio to remove body fat and stay in good cardiovascular shape, and I firmly believe that some type of cardio needs to be in your exercise routine.

With that being said, too much cardio can also kill you.

I am working on my 3rd book and I did some research on the famous 1970’s marathon runners.  You will be amazed by how many famous long-distance runners have come down with serious health problems.

Marathon running is not healthy.

If you want to train for just a couple marathons in your lifetime, there is no harm.

But training for long-distance is not healthy over the long term.

Focus on improving your SPEED.

As you age, your endurance does not decrease as much as your speed.

Anyone up to age 90 can run a slow 5-mile race, but not too many people can still sprint, jump and leap.

Speed over endurance any day of the week.


Lift Heavy/Fun Fast on!



I am proud to announce that today was my official last day of Winter bulk up 2017-2018.


Overall, I give this season an “A”.  Before the start of the season I set several concrete goals:

  1. Bench 315: Got it! Almost benched 325 as well.
  2. 500lb dead lift: Did 500 for 2 reps and 525 for 1
  3. Shoulder dumbbells 100’s: Big failure.  Got up to 85’s, shoulder injury is not healing.
  4. Squat 315: I don’t have a spotter for this exercise but 315 is in my range. Probably closer to 345-365.
  5. Gain 30 lbs: I gained 35!

Besides not reaching my shoulder dumbbell goal, this year was a total success!  This was the heaviest I have lifted in several years.

I also kept up a small cardio routine, but nothing significant.

Now, I need to make the transaction from bulking into my cutting phase.


So, how do we accomplish this?

The goal is to keep as much muscle mass as possible, while also removing all of my body fat.  I know that I won’t be able to lift as heavy in June as I did in January, but I still should be lifting heavy.

What are some mistakes I have made in the past?

A) Cutting calories too fast.  I need to lose 20 lbs, but I should do it slowly.  If I start starving myself I will get “skinny fat”, like marathon runners.   That is where you are skinny with a high body fat percentage

B) I start slacking with the heavy weights.  Although I will lose the leverage provided from being fat, I NEED to keep pushing myself in the gym.  Heavy compound exercises; squats, deadlifts, bench, etc.

It is also time to add some cardio.  I am going to start going hard with the cardio tomorrow.  3x a week until the weather improves, and then I might increase to 4x depending on how my body is holding up.

Spring goals?

I am still working on this, but I want to focus on a few key area’s.

A) Keep squatting.  This year I started squatting after taking several years off and I feel a big difference.  Not only is my body a lot thicker, but my abs are going to look good when I lose weight.

B) Heavy bicep and calve workouts: These are really secondary exercises, but when you wear a tee-shirt, what muscles are visible? Answer: calves and biceps.

For my cardio goals, I still haven’t locked any plan down yet.  I always try to hit 3 miles in 21 minutes and also add in some sprinting.

I would love to compete in a sprinting competition.  It was been 20 years since I have last competed in track and field, and I am getting a little bored of the 3 and 5 mile races.

This morning I weighed in at 185 lbs.  It is going to take me a couple weeks to get the boiler heated, but once I do, this engine is going to be revved up and ready to kick ass.



Lift Heavy/Fun Fast on!



If you want to get wealthy, you need to work hard and you need to be willing to work long hours.  I don’t believe in short cuts nor do I believe in the Tim Ferris “4 hour work week”.

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich
Tim tried to apply his “4 hour work out” to bodybuilding and he didn’t make any progress.


I recently took a break from any type of cardio and I am amazed by how quickly my energy levels are decreasing.  Although I have been bulking up and gaining strength, I can feel a noticeable decrease in energy from when I was still doing cardio workouts.

The same theory goes for working and building wealth.

Recently I have been working a lot of late nights.  Typically, this is my busiest time of year up until the middle of December and it is not uncommon for me to work until 1o or 11 at night.  It’s interesting, but I am starting to see a lot of similarities between the stamina I had built up from running and the stamina I am building up from working.

From working a bunch of late nights, a 9 to 5 work day now feels like a half day for me.  My stamina is so strong now that I can basically work all day and night and still wake up the next day feeling fresh.

In business you need stamina.  If your coworkers are working from 9 to 5 and you can work from 8 to 6, you should be able to surpass their performance.  The same goes for sales jobs, studying for licensing exams or starting a side business.

Some of my friends laugh when they see me working side businesses, but an extra $10K a year can make a huge difference.  $10K a year over a 30 year career is $300K before interest, that is a TON of money.

So take my advice on this.  Running, graduate school, 2nd job, etc.  You will be surprised by how much you can increase your wealth and improve your career when you work on improving your stamina.


Check out my book on!

I have been working really hard recently.  Between my regular job, the gym and my side-business, I have been putting in 70-80 hour weeks.

Last week I was speaking to a potential client that retired after owning a pizzeria for over 30 years.  The client told me stories about how he would wake up at 5 am for work and not return until midnight, 7 days a week, including Christmas and New Years Eve.

It was sad, but after all those years of hard work, not only did he have meager savings but he also had a massive heart attack towards the end of his career.

There is no doubt that this person worked HARD, but did he work smart?

Yes and No.  He owns a home in a decent neighborhood.  There is food on the table.

But I almost felt bad for him.   Working 100 hours a week for your entire life with not much to show for it is tough.

If you put that much work into real estate, law, accounting, engineering, or any other high paying profession, you SHOULD be at least relatively middle class.

But who am I to kid? That’s what I have been doing recently.

Between the pains in my chest and the sleepless nights, I have been working too hard.

This weekend I decided to take a mini-break.  I’ve only been married for 2 months and I am barely spending time with my wife.

Not only am I resting this weekend but I want to focus on working smarter instead of hard.  Don’t get me wrong, hard work is important, but just because you put in a lot of time doesn’t mean you are doing it right.

It’s the same with bodybuilding.  Intensity is a lot more important than volume.   I actually see volume as the enemy and not beneficial.

This “bulk up” season I have been trying to focus more on putting up the heavy numbers and less on adding worthless sets.

This week I bench pressed 245 pretty easily for a couple reps, I did 75’s for 8 in shoulders dumbbells and I leg pressed over 550.  The numbers I am reaching in the middle of October are a strong indicator that I should be pretty strong this winter.

I’m not sure If I will break my bench press record of 345, but I am 100% going to break my leg press record and I have a decent shot of breaking my dumbbell shoulder record of 105’s.

In conclusion: my goal now is to work smarter and not harder.  The goes for both my career and in the gym.


If there something we don’t have enough of, it is time.

We will all most likely die.  And there are also years where we can be very productive (ages 16-70) and years that we aren’t (ages 0-16 and 70-death)

Our time is limited.

And when you finally come to the conclusion that our time is limited, you will start to learn how to stop wasting time.

  • If you have an exercise routine that doesn’t work: Stop it
  • If you have a job that isn’t promoting you: Work on finding somewhere else to work
  • If you are in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere: Leave immediately.

I sincerely believe that everyone should have a side-business.  Today’s economy is becoming a gig economy and life-long jobs like my parents had are slowly starting to become extinct.

I have tried multiple side businesses and multiple different exercise routines in my life and now I can finally say that I have found a routine that works for me.

Through trial and error, I have been able to cut out the waste.

My body responds to heavy weight lifting and fast running.  Long, slow, long-distance does not work for me and the same can be said for high repetition weight lifting.

When it comes to side jobs/businesses there are an UNLIMITED number of opportunities:

  • Sales
  • Personal training
  • Book Writing
  • Real estate
  • Bartending

There are plenty of ways to make a decent living today and the only way for you to find out what works is to TRY.

  • Work on your gym routine
  • Work on your career

And most importantly, work on yourself.


If there is one major thing they don’t teach you in business school, it is networking.  Working in a University is very different from working in the real world and there are certain personality skills that cannot necessarily be taught.

One rule of thumb is: It really helps to be liked.

No matter what you are doing in life; sales, marketing, civil service, personal training, etc.  You will be surprised by how much MORE you can accomplish if you are a likable person.

People want to work around people that they like.  And unless your work is really exceptional, it’s hard to make it anywhere if you are not liked or respected.

And that brings me to NETWORKING.  Networking is so important that it can’t be understated.  Strong networking can open doors and keep you employed for years on end.

In business you need to know people.  In the last several years I have picked up several important mentors that without them, I would never have made a dime or learned the business.

Knowing someone can get you to the front of the interview line, or even better, a guaranteed position.

It can also get you invited to an afternoon yacht ride, skiing in Aspen or happy hour in Central Park.

It can even find you a spouse.

At this stage in my life, I try to force myself to meet new people.  Whether is signing up for a class or selling a new product, I try to meet and gain connections with as many people as I can.  Some end up being useless or time wasting but others become home-run connections or life-long friends.  But overall, it is important to meet new people.

Do you want to be my friend?