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I must apologize.  Although my blog is called “workout and travel”, all I have been talking about recently is working out.

But now that my son is almost a year old, I am slowly starting to get back into traveling.

Last week, we took a family trip down to Raleigh, Hilton Head S.C. and Savannah GA.

What place was my biggest disappointment?


North Carolina in general is a hot topic now in NYC.  Not only are many companies relocating down South but many people are also starting to retire outside of NY in greater numbers.

It can make sense, especially if you are living in the tax-hell area’s of long island, westchester and NJ.

You can most likely purchase the same size house for 100-300k cheaper and you will also see your property taxes cut at least in half.

The weather is also slightly warmer, but not much.  So what is the downside?

It’s North Carolina.

Raleigh is pretty terrible.   To be fair, I didn’t visit the wealthy suburbs like Cary and I also didn’t drive around the College campus’s at Duke or NC State.

But Raleigh itself is pretty bad.

It’s a difficult area to describe, but I think my wife said it best “it looks like a run down New Jersey”

The outskirts going into the city looked ugly and the city itself was a complete ghost town on a Saturday.

And you can’t blame that on the weather.

It’s warmer than Boston, Hoboken and Montreal.  All which would be crowded on a Saturday afternoon, especially with March madness basketball going on.

I was also surprised to see some serious blight.   Almost 2 or 3 blocks from the main action on Fayetteville Street, there is some serious poverty.

We also drove around to some of the “corporate” areas and they also reminded me of a worse version of Arlington, VA or Jersey City, NJ.

If you are going to move down South, why stop at North Carolina?

I would take almost every major city in Florida over Raleigh, including Savannah Georgia, Charleston South Carolina and even Washington, DC.

I would like to give it another shot and check out the campuses and possibly Durham, but overall, I was not very impressed.

2 hours+ to the beach, not so great weather, not alot of action.

One of my least favorite cities so far.

Official rating “D”