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I have to admit it, I hate summer.

And it’s funny, because as a child and also as a college student, the summer was always my favorite time of year.

Now that I am older and I have to commute to work every day, along with taking care of a 1-year old, the summer isn’t as fun.

I really don’t like the heat.

But late August I do like.

The weather starts to improve, there are less annoying tourists running around Manhattan and it’s also a good time to travel.

For working out, it is a great time to run outside.

It’s weird, but as soon as the temperature drops below 80 degrees, I start running like a champion.

My body does not respond well to the heat.

As the weather cools off, I also start to get very hungry.

I usually peak in bodybuilding shape around Labor Day and even  into the first couple weeks of September, even though I slowly start ingesting more calories.

Part of the reason I believe, is that I can work out a lot harder when it’s not as hot out.

This year I plan on running a fast 5k race on September 16th and then I will take it from there.

If I run fast and I feel good, I might try to run one or 2 more races in Late September/Early October.

After that, I am 100% taking a several week break from running.

This year I have been looking pretty good, but probably not my best of all time.  I will post some pictures soon.

I’m in very good shape, but not all-time shape.  I have a good chance in these last 4-5 weeks to upgrade to “very” good shape, depending on how my diet and training are going.

Overall, we are entering my favorite time of year and I can’t wait for the Fall.

-John Andre

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