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I have to admit, I have been killing it recently.

My weekly routine has been 4 days a week in the gym, followed by 5 days a week of cardio.

The only difference is that since the weather improved, I have been able to run outside almost all of the time, instead of on the treadmile.

Right now, I believe I can run 3 miles in around 20:30. I am hoping to get it under 20 minutes before the middle of the month, but that is going to be difficult.

But who knows.

Like I said before, I have been in “the zone”.

I have been lifting relatively heavy in the gym, I am running outside 5x a week (and getting a sun tan) and I lost almost 25 lbs since the end of the winter.

Regarding my diet, I actually have been taking in a little bit extra calories.  I have been working out so hard that I am scared I will start losing too much muscle.

I figure by memorial day weekend I can get myself down to 160 lbs and by mid to late June I should be way into the 150’s.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  You should be killing it in your training by this time of year.

Summer is right around the corner, get on it!

-John Andre

Lift Heavy/Fun Fast on!

I know that my blog is called “Workout and Travel”, but all that I have been writing about recently is working out.

In my defense; it’s freezing cold out in NYC and my wife is 5 months pregnant.

We can do some traveling of course, but to be honest, we have started making the slow transition to becoming parents and we don’t plan on traveling much until after child-birth.  We are also in the process of moving to larger apartment and purchasing a new car soon.

Getting ready for a child is a lot of work and we don’t plan on going anywhere major next year until the summer.

My life was very different before I got married.  Before I got married I was traveling almost once a month and I was starting to visit Europe on a regular basis.  To my surprise, some of the places that I visited were actually very “kid friendly”.

Here is my list of vacations that are surprisingly appropriate for children:

  1. Kentucky Derby:  I told my wife I want to take our future kids to the Kentucky Derby and dress them up.  The infield isn’t great for kids, but the grandstand is fine.  Kids like watching the horses.
  2. Oktoberfest, Germany:  I actually have no idea what I am talking about because I have never been, but two of my friends swear to me that it is surprisingly kid-friendly.
  3. Mardi Gras: People think that I am crazy when I say this, but if you stay away from Bourbon Street, the Mardi Gras parades are actually really cool.  I plan on taking my kids there eventually.

Places that are not kid friendly:

  1. St Patrick’s Day Everywhere.  Dublin, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston. etc. I would not recommend bringing your children to any of them.  Too crowded, too much drinking and too much fighting.
  2. Key West, Florida: One of my favorite cities, but not much going on for kids.
  3. Preakness Stakes: Preakness is more of a drinking party than the Kentucky Derby.  I don’t believe I would take them there.
  4. Las Vegas:  Leave the kids at home for this one.

Any suggestions?