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Guess how old I was on my wedding day in August?


One of the greatest benefits of working out and eating right, is that I truly believe you can stop your aging in its tracks.

And one of the most effective ways to slow down the aging process is with your DIET.

Numerous studies have shown that intermittent fasting increases life expectancy.  I personally find intermittent fasting to be one of the greatest tools in burning fat and losing weight and I have been using it consistently for years.

It’s also important to eat CLEANER.  Less sugar, less saturated fats, etc.

And most importantly, it is important to stay LIGHT.   Although I will allow myself to gain weight and bulk up in the winter, I don’t plan on bulking up as much when I get older.

Being overweight for an extended period of time is completely unhealthy and I firmly believe that being light weight and low in body fat will keep you alive for a long time.

I have lost around 10 lbs from my winter bulk up so far and I plan on losing another 15. Right now I am still lifting heavy weights 4x a week in the gym and I have just increased my cardio to 4x a week.

Focus on heavy weight lifting, cardio and especially your diet, and you will also be able to completely stop your aging,

So how old was I in August?



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I finally broke the 170 lb mark this week and I am officially down 10 lb’s since my summer bulk up.

If you are a natural lifter, like I am, then you NEED to lose weight to get cut.  I just don’t see any other way to remove body fat unless you lose weight.

This year I am trying to “work” the weight off instead of just starving myself.

In previous years, I would cut my calories down drastically and lose the 20-25 lbs that I need to get cut, but I also noticed something weird.

When I lose the weight from hard training, if makes a big difference in my physique, compared to just starving it off.

Don’t get me wrong, I always train hard with weights when I am cutting weight. But this year I want to lose weight from harder cardio work outs, more intense weight lifting, strict dieting and becoming an overall better athlete.

I always said that your body will look the way you train.  Just as a chain smoker or an iron worker is going to have a certain look to them, so will someone that is training hard.

And when you get it all right, it should look something like this.


I am only several weeks into my Spring Training work out and I am already starting to get fast.

My goal this year was to run 3 miles in under 21 minutes and I want to run 400 meters (One lap around a track) in under 1 minute.

Last week I ran 3 miles in 21:07, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to train on an outdoor track since the last snow storm in NYC.

I am also starting to lose weight.

This year I bulked up to 178 lbs and tonight I weighed in at 171 after work.  My goal is to start April 1st at 170 lbs and then keep cutting down until I am under 155.

April and May are when I lose the majority of my body fat and I have slowly started to tighten up my diet.

If you haven’t started your cardio or cutting down on your calories you better start NOW, if you want to get ripped this (more…)

There is a big difference between being in great shape and looking great.  Don’t get me wrong, I have always said that if you train like a freak and eat like a freak, you will look like a freak. But being in good shape does not necessarily mean you will look good.

What do we consider good shape?

  • 400lb bench press?
  • 4:30 mile?
  • 35 Chinups?
  • Top crossfit competitor?

You can usually tell how someone lives their life just by looking at them:

  • You can tell if someone has smoked cigarettes for 30 years
  • You can tell if someone is a drug abuser
  • You can tell if someone is an iron worker


Usually, your “look” will mirror how you live

But bodybuilding is a weird sport.  You can’t just bench press 400lb’s and expect to look great, although benching 400 lb’s will help.

Several years ago I tried to focus only on performance and less on my diet.  I figured that if I can bench press 315 lbs at a low body weight of 165, my chest would look good and I could ignore everything else.

I also made the mistake of thinking that if I could run 3 miles at 6 minutes per mile instead of 7 minutes per mile, I would also look better.

It didn’t work.

If you look at all of the best athletes in the world, they usually have a little bit of body fat.  Whether they are the best running back in football, or leading the league in home runs, they usually aren’t going to have a  “bodybuilders” 6-pack . To reach peak performance in most sports you will need some extra calories.

Although there are some sports that may lead to a better physique, such as soccer or sprinting, there is a dirty little secret that most bodybuilders don’t like to reveal.



So remember, performance isn’t everything.  Schwarzenegger wasn’t the strongest and he definitely wasn’t the fastest, but he is most likely the greatest body builder of all time.

Focus on a combination of diet, cardio and weight lifting and determine the best routines that work for your body.


I was discussing this topic the other day with some friends and it turned into a large argument.

What Sports Produce The Best Athletes?

The first sport that comes to my mind is Soccer.  Soccer players do at least an hour of cardio, and probably even more when you consider the warm ups. Soccer includes both sprinting, jumping, jogging and also kicking.  Soccer players are some of the best athletes in the world and they are generally very lean.

Another sport that came to mind was rugby.  Although rugby is not very popular in the United States, I started watching it during a trip to Ireland and I was impressed by how jacked the athletes are.  Rugby players appear to be in the middle between American football players and soccer players when it comes to weight lifting and cardio.

Tennis players are also generally in shape.  They don’t need to use heavy weights in their training, but they do use a ton of sprinting and quick movements.

Swimming is a great heart-healthy cardio, but it doesn’t do much for body building.  My abs are better than Michael Phelps and he has over 20 gold medals.

Baseball: No way

American Football:  The best sport for weight lifting and speed, but the overemphasis on adding size causes many athletes to be overweight.  Certain positions generally have leaner athletes such as wide receivers, corner backs, defensive backs, running backs and some tight ends/defensive ends.

Basketball:  Also really good.  I use basketball as a cardio alternative to running and it is a great sport for staying lean.

Cross country skiing:  Similar to swimming. Heart-healthy, but not ideal for bodybuilding.

Biking:  Heart-healthy, minimal benefit for bodybuilding

So, who are the best athletes in the world?

I am going to go with three choices:

A) Soccer players. Nonstop (Good) cardio, strong core strength.

B) Sprinters: Super lean. Combination of weights, fast cardio and diet.

C) Natural bodybuilders: Great combination of weights, cardio and most importantly, DIET.

What do you think?


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