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Winter is almost over! Hallelujah!

We are now in the middle of February, the weather is warming up slightly (in NYC) and the sun is setting later.

Although every month is important, I see March as a month of transition.

“March comes in like lion and goes out like a lamb”

In March you get the last several days of Winter in the beginning of the month and then by the end you start to see the beginning of Spring.

If you want to get cut for the Summer, you need to train hard in the month of March, including outside cardio.

Although there are days in March when its freezing cold and the weather is horrible, you need to force yourself to get outside and get moving.


If you skip hard training in March, you are going to be very disappointed in April when you get that first 70 degree day.

All of a sudden you will realize that it is bathing suit season, but you are still overweight.

You need to survive March if you want your cuts to blossom in April, before getting ripped for May, June and July.

But the month of March doesn’t just apply to bodybuilding.  It is also a time of transition in work, school, and life.

In March you can:

  • Start good study habits for finals
  • Find a new job or start a business
  • Lose weight
  • Start dating someone new
  • Plant a tree

Maybe I am generalizing here, because you can do this any month of the year.  But March is the only month (NYC) where you get to experience two distinct seasons.

There is just something about the transition from Winter to Spring, especially when you live somewhere cold like NYC or Chicago.

Spring represents new life.

New opportunities


And most importantly,

St’ Patrick’s Day.

st pats


I am going full speed with my winter bulk up.  So far the heaviest I have reached is 172lbs, and I am getting super strong in the gym.  I benched pressed 315 last week, and yesterday I got 2 reps with 95 lb dumbbells.

But I am getting fat.

I am getting over an annoying cold for the last week which prevented me from running, and I can see the noticeable fat growing onto my body.

I am planning on gaining 5 extra lbs at the most, and then I need to start cutting down.

I have a flight booked for Dublin on St Patricks Day weekend, that might be my last weekend of being overweight.

Happy Training!