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It’s official. My season is over.

Overall, I had a pretty good year, but not outstanding.  In a couple days I will publish my annual review, along with some pictures.

My theme for next year is “Back to basics”.  And what I mean by that is, I want to cut out the bullshit.

Clean eating, with a lot of eggs, water and tuna fish.

Super heavy lifting, with deadlifts over 500 at a minimum and hopefully bench press in the mid 300’s.

And I need to continue my progress in squatting.  I “should” be able to beat last year’s squats pretty easily.

Regarding cardio, I am going to do a minimal amount until New Year’s Eve.  I feel that my body needs a serious rest from the cardio, but not for too long.

Last year I took off a solid 6 months and I think in the long run it hurt me.

You don’t need to do cardio 100% all year long, but you need to do something.

My preliminary workout is going to looks something like this:

Monday: Chest/bicep

Tuesday: Legs/cardio/abs

Wends: Rest

Thurs: Chest#2/Shoulders

Friday: Deadlift/Back/Abs/Cardio

Sat/Sun: rest/light cardio

My goal is to avoid looking in the mirror for a while but focus on hitting big numbers.  I want to eat a lot cleaner than last year and hopefully only put on “lean muscle”.

Overall, I had an injury-free year, so I “should” be able to hit some decent numbers this Fall.

Wish me luck.

-John Andre

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Lift Heavy/Run Fast

I disagree with the great Mike Francesa on this one.

The Yankees need to trade Gary Sanchez for decent pitching.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that he isn’t a great catcher.  He is probably one of the greatest hitting catchers of all time and if he keeps this pace up, maybe the greatest hitting catcher of all-time.

But he also has some major negatives:

A) He can’t catch.  Not only can’t he catch, but he is getting worse.  His catching has been horrible this year, with way too many passed balls.

B) He isn’t hustling.  He had a real bone-head play tonight against Tampa Bay where the runner basically stole home on him since he was lolligaging.  That is a big “no-no”.

C) Often injured.  He seems to be injured every year now.  We need an everyday catcher behind the plate and it also confuses the pitchers who have to adjust to different catchers.

D) His value is high.  The Yankees “should” be able to receive some great value for him.  I wouldn’t accept anything less than a number two starter.

E) The playoffs are about pitching.  In a short series, the Yankees are going to need two stud pitchers. Severino is a stud, but after that, it’s mostly some number 3’s (Tanaka) and some “4” and “5” starters.  C.C. Sabathia is in his final years, Sonny Gray is getting rocked every other start and everyone else is either injured or inexperienced.

Tough pitching can knock you out of the postseason in a hurry.

With that being said, Gary Sanchez does have a great arm.  A super strong-arm, he hits for power (although his average is down a ton) and he is young.

But one hitter does not win you a world series.  The Yankees are stacked with great hitters and I would trade Sanchez in a heart beat for a Degrom, Happ, or any other decent starter.

-John Andre.


This year, one of my bodybuilding goals is to run a 5k in under 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, that is a time that I haven’t reached since College.

In the last several years I have gotten down into the low 20’s, but I still haven’t been able to go into the 19’s.

So, what is the problem?

Part of my problem is that I am getting slow.  My endurance and stamina haven’t really changed, but I can’t sprint like I used to.

My next book is going to be mostly about speed.  Speed is a lost art form, but it a lot more important than endurance.

I need to work on my speed more so I can pick up the pace and also finish fast.

My 2nd problem, is that I need to add a little bit of extra mileage into my training.

The last couple years I have been running mostly hard 2-2.5 mile tempo runs in my training and the result is that I would never finish strong.

I have always been paranoid of running for too long, because then you start to get skinny-fat and lose all of your muscle.  But, I think I can get away with adding an extra mile to my training.

If I can start running 3.5 miles in my training, a 5k will start to feel a little bit easier.

Overall, I am planning on running my first 5k next Saturday depending on the weather.  I honestly cant say I am running for time, since I just ended my winter bulk up, but it’s good to see what type of shape I am really in.

After that run, I am going to start training hard for some big races in April and May.  If I can get back into the low 20’s for April and May, I should have a good chance over the summer to get back into the 19’s.

It can be done.


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This is an easy one.

There is no better feeling than putting 500 lbs on a bar, warming up and lifting it off the floor like it is nothing.

After you are finished lifting, you go out to a steak house and order a porterhouse, mashed potatoes and 4 beers.

Trust me on this, nothing feels better than bulking up and heavy weight lifting.

Not only do I feel strong and powerful, but I sleep better and I rarely get sick.

When I am cutting up, it is just the opposite.

I am tired. I am grouchy.  I can barely sleep and I get sick all the time.

Although being lighter in body weight is healthier than being over weight, when I get down to an extremely low body fat percentage, my body doesn’t feel healthy at all.

Between the cardio and dieting, I almost feel like I am near death every summer.

So far, I am 2 weeks into my bulk up and I am feeling supercharged.

It is amazing how much better you can feel with some extra calories and less cardio.

Good luck!


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