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So, I had what I “officially” call my first race of the season this Saturday.  I finished a super flat 5k in 20:30.

That is about 50 seconds faster than last year, but I wanted to reach my goal of under 20 minutes for a 5k.

Back to the drawing board.

I am running the NYC Wall St Run this Thursday and then after that race, I have about 3 months to go under 20 minutes for a 5k.

So far I have been consistently hitting 2 miles on pace, it is the last mile where I am starting to bonk.  That tells me that I am close and just a couple extra hard weeks of training and I should hit it.

Thursday’s race is only 3 miles and my goal is to go under 20.  It should be close.

Overall, my running season has been off to a decent start, but I am not satisfied until I go under 20 minutes for a 5k.

Hopefully I reach it soon.

-John Andre.

When you start bodybuilding, you always need a plan.  You cant just throw poop at a wall and hope something sticks, bodybuilding is a well thought out operation.

Bulking up, dieting, cardio, etc. They all need to be planned out weeks in advance.

But things change….Nothing works out perfectly, and most often, you need to make changes midway into your routine.

It reminds me of making wine.

A couple years  ago I took a wine making course and I remember the teacher showing my how they can make corrections, even after the wine is already in the barrel.

If the p.h. levels were to high or two low, the wine experts would try their best to make slight adjustments to the recipe and correct it midway.

It is the same process with bodybuilding.

Right now, my cardio is doing great. Today I ran 3 miles in 18:40 and it is only early May.

Diet-wise, I am also on point.  Yesterday I weighed in at 157 and that is really light for this time of year.

So where am I slacking? On strength

My shoulder has been killing me for the last several weeks and I haven’t been able to go real heavy.  The lack of heavy lifting is really hurting me in the mass department.

Memorial day weekend is only 3 weeks away, and that is the official start of summer in NYC.

I need to add strength NOW.

Today I stretched out my shoulder for a solid 20 minutes and I was finally able to go slightly heavy in shoulder dumbbells.

For the next several weeks, I have only one goal in mind, ADD POWER.

My diet has been on point, my card is going great, now I just need to add the strength and I am there.

-John Andre

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Spring is here! Although it has been raining like crazy in NYC, the weather is finally starting to warm up and running season is here.

I have just one goal this Spring and Summer: Run a 5k under 20 minutes.

It has been 17 years since I have run under 20 minutes in a 5k and this year I think I can do it.

A 5k is a 6:26 per mile pace.  So far, on a very hilly course I have been able to hit the 2 miles on pace, but after that, I am wiped out.

This weekend I am running a ultra flat 5k and this will be a good test so see what kind of shape I am in.

Of course I would love to go under 20 minutes for the first race of the year, but I’m not sure If I am in that good shape yet.  If I get my time under 20:30, I should be able to reach it this year.

For my race on Saturday, I am going to hit the first 2 miles on pace.  That is 2 miles in at least 12:52.

That is slightly faster than I been training, but for me to break 20 minutes, I need to get under that pace.

Going forward, I feel that my strength is almost there this year.  The only thing missing is my speed work.  I am too slow.

After this race, I am going to focus mostly on speed work and practice going under the 6:26 pace until I finally hit my goal.

Wish me luck!

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I have to be honest, I can’t stand Facebook anymore.  In the last several months I have been slowly deleting my account, including removing pictures, unfriending old colleagues and basically I stopped posting.

I find Face book to be such a waste of time.  Of course if you ask my fiance, all I did was substitute Face book with Twitter.

So what do I hate about Facebook?

I don’t like that you only follow people you know.

What does that mean?

Facebook reminds me of a child that goes to a private school with only 15 other kids and now later in life, you can only keep in touch with those same 15 adults.

In other words, it’s impossible to grow.

Instead of being in a close-circuited network, I want to branch out.

  • I want to follow people that inspire me.
  • I want to network
  • I want to hear from people from different backgrounds and different locations across the world


Face book is too confined to me.

Although, I love my relatives and I love my friends that I grew up with in Brooklyn, NY, I don’t want to hear about your private life all the time.

I don’t always want to share what I am doing in my personal time.

I don’t always want to share any pictures.

After my wedding in August I plan on getting off Face book forever.

So, what is a much better alternative to Face Book?

“Honey, are you on twitter again???”